AVIDUTV Yamaha YXZ1000 77 wide kit plus 4-inch wheelbase

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YAMAHA YXZ1000 6.5inch over Long Travel Suspension Racing proven kit.  Made from 4130 chromoly and high-end components finish off the kit.  3/4 heim joints attach the suspension to the chassis to add safety and adjustability to the kit. 

Front shock location is moved to lower arm. Lower A arm bulkhead re locates and stiffness front of the chassis.  7/8 uniballs attach the front uprights to the A arms.  

Rear suspension is lengthened 4inchs.  New shock position changes rear shock angle for a superior handling ride over stock.

***new upper rear shock mounts must be made*** 

***This kit uses stock shocks. ***  

***axles not included***

***if racing recommends front avidutv spindle upgrade***  


***Test driver Jeb Bootle***