About Us

AVID UTV is a premium UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) after-market part manufacturer, reseller and installer. AVID UTV looks to be the premier provider of UTV content on a variety of platforms including its website, Social Media, YouTube, and others. This will be achieved through extensive sponsorship and production of events, media presence, and driven by products of exceptional quality that can’t be found elsewhere.


AVID UTV's mission is to create the most innovative UTVs on the market that offer both peak performance and unique design and to inspire a generation of AVID UTV enthusiasts through our one-of-a-kind multiplatform content.


AVID UTV focuses on superior design and craftmanship. AVID UTV owns proprietary CAD (Computer Aided Design) that creates custom aftermarket parts for our customers. We use the highest quality chromoly material and patented uniball housing.


AVID UTV is also partnered with highly experienced welders and mechanics to install the kits and other after-market parts.