AVID HPU is our sister company that is currently working on the next generation of off road and ultra-efficient vehicles! 

The Avid Hydrogen Propulsion Unit (AVID HPU) is comprised of high level engineers with industry backgrounds ranging from the automotive to aerospace sectors. We are currently working with three functioning prototypes. We plan to have our flagship test car racing in next years Baja 500!

Our mission at AVID HPU is to push the boundaries of what is currently possible and lead our industry into a new era of performance and efficiency. 

For those of you, like us, who want to ride into the future there are currently extremely limited options for on or off road vehicles. That is why we are focused in the following goals:


  • Creating more efficient vehicles with capabilities and torque that just isn't possible with ICE vehicles
    •  develop smaller fuel cells while maintaining/increasing efficiency
    • 2 person or 4 person options 
  • Create a widely accessible refueling network 
  • Develop residential and commercial refueling and power solutions  
    • Hydrogen powered backup generator 
    • compact options 
    • off grid or "on the job" use
  • Develop systems that allow for a wider use of liquid hydrogen