AVIDUTV Polaris RZR ProR and Turbo R Front Suspension Kit ((2 inch over perside))

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The long awaited Avid UTV suspension and drive kit for your RZR PRO R is finally here.  We apologize for the wait but we sincerely care about the products we offer and didn’t want to spit out some copy and pasted 4130 version of OE arms, with all of the problems they come with. With that in mind, rest assured this kit lands a heavy blow to the rest with its geometrical advancements, usage of premium materials and welding with bulletproof uprights designed to not only accept the all new exclusive 1” vertical uniball setup that the arms boast, but also to retain the well dialed steering advancements for a more precise and responsive riding experience. 

   It almost goes unsaid that an incalculable amount of time went into the development of this product so we can all now do it once, and do it right. We build the products here that we would want to run, and how we would want to run them, with a strong off road racing pedigree that helps us reach the final product before we would ever offer it to the public. 

Here’s what you get: 

  • 100% 4130 TiG welded suspension component construction. 
  • Your new uppers will provide a proper amount of camber & caster adjustability, whether your fix is in short course, dunes or desert.  These new lightweight uppers carry 3/4” rod ends on all inner pickups, with the 1” uni-ball feature on the outer ones. 
  • A set of 4130 double- shear uprights to capture the suspension and tie rod exactly where they cycle best. 
  • New upper shock mount (pics coming) to complete the kit in effort for optimal dampening while eliminating an extremely weak point in the “OE lower shock fork”.. say goodbye to all that and bolt up a solid set of traditional ended shocks you know you can count on. 
  • new tie rods with outfitted and ready to fasten up 
  • Summer Bros axle set 

There’s not a single compromise made on the quality, comfort or durability of this suspension package, and we know you’ll be thrilled with it.