AVIDUTV Yamaha YXZ1000 Front A-arm Dual shock setup 80 prt1

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This 80-inch kit is designed after our desert racing and short course winning 77 long travel kit to maximize the YXZ1000 chassis to all of its potential.  24 inches of clean wheel travel.  Designed to only work with the AVIDUTV spindle.



Newly designed upper and lower arms for proper geometry and overall strength.  

Designed to run a 2.0 Coil over and 3.0 bypass shocks.   


*****Fabrication is required*****

Included in kit:

Upper and lower control arms 

Race spindle 

Bumper/chassis kit 

Front shock tower

Tie rod kit.  

7/8 Uniballs  WSSXT14    

3/4 Hiems     jmx12T    

Misalignments and bushing kit.   


****NO axles or shocks are included****