Sponsorship/Donation for AVIDHPU 2024 Mint400/Vegas to Reno/Baja 1000

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Racing at any level has been in my soul longer than I can remember. I've always been competitive in everything I do in my life; it's what drives me to keep moving forward. This is why I'm so thrilled to be given the opportunity to be a part of a racing milestone that is truly historic and once-in-a-lifetime. And I'm even more excited to be participating as the owner and designer of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered race car.

For anyone unfamiliar with what this means, it's nothing like your average boring electric car on the road today. I've heard from staunch believers in the petrol racing engine, and I respect the over 100 years of history there, but it's time to step into the future of racing with more power than ever before. Being able to be a leader in this new wave of hydrogen-powered racing is a huge moment, and I want to take this momentum to create a car with more power and a more efficient design. Fuel cell technology is just starting, and there are so many innovative ways that I see to push the envelope and go further than anyone has imagined.

However, to do this will take a force larger than just me. I am offering a chance for visionaries and anyone who felt a thrill of excitement from just reading this to join the movement starting now. This is just a small snapshot of what’s to come. Let's join forces and together be a part of what will be the future of racing.

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Let's Do This!!

 Reach out to me directly through the contact information listed below.  If there is another way you would like to help.

George LaMonte

Founder & Owner, AVID HPU