AVIDUTV XC 64-inch kit YXZ1000(front only)

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The AVIDUTV YXZ1000 XC ((front only)) kit is the first real stock width high performance kit offered for the YXZ.  Shock placement is very critical and movement to the lower arms on the front. 


After the years of development on our 77-inch kit. This 64-inch race inspired Suspension kit is now available to you. 

Suspension arms are all made from 4130 chromoly plate. 7/8 uniballs and 3/4 heims hold the suspension to chassis mounting points.   

hiems make camber/caster/tow adjustable for race purpose's 

AVUDUTV YXZ XC 64 inch retains the use of stock axles and steering.

AVIDUTV Race spindle package and is available (please call for info) 

***photo credit utvsource***